Tesla Cybertruck fetches $244,000 at auction, even though you’re not supposed to sell them

A Foundation Series Tesla Cybertruck went up for auction this week, despite a clause in the purchase agreement that says you’re not allowed to sell it. When the dust settled the Cybertruck ended up fetching a whopping $244,000, and the buyer was a Porsche dealership.

Just before Tesla started deliveries of the Cybertruck last year, the company updated their purchase agreement to include a ‘Cybertruck only’ section to the reseller clause, stating that you are not allowed to sell your Cybertruck within the first year of ownership. There was one caveat though, as you could get written permission from Tesla to sell it.

If you didn’t get that, and did try to sell it, Tesla said they can sue you for $50,000 “of the value received as consideration for the sale,” essentially meaning they could come after you for any profit you make by selling it. Showing how far Tesla was willing to go, the clause said they would even come after you if they believed you were trying to sell it.

Despite all of this, someone put their Foundation Series Cybertruck AWD on the auction block this week. With just 69 miles on the odometer, the stainless steel truck sold for $244,000. If you’re counting, that’s $144,000 more than the current sticker price.

According to the auction listing on Manheim, the buyer was a Porsche dealership in south Orlando, coming out on top against several other dealerships like Mazda, Ford, Bentley, and others.

Now that Tesla knows about the auction, which so helpfully included the VIN, they will have no problem tracking down the seller if they wanted to, since they probably didn’t get written permission before putting it up for auction. If they do take action, they would be going after not just $50,000, but the $144,000 they made as profit.

As for the Porsche dealership, they now have a $244,000 stainless steel pickup truck. If they were thinking of turning around and selling it again, they will likely be hard pressed to find someone who will pay more than $244,000, but there are a lot of people with lots of money to spare that don’t want to wait in line. It will also be a much easier transaction for the dealership since they didn’t buy it from Tesla, so there isn’t a no resale clause to worry about.

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