Tesla drops price of CCS adapter by 30%

Tesla has issued a fairly substantial price drop on their CCS Combo 1 Adapter in Canada and the US, just shy of five months after the product was first introduced in North America.

According to an update to the Tesla Shop on Friday the adapter has dropped from its original price of $340 CAD or $250 USD down to $240 CAD or $175 USD, a 30% reduction.

The CCS adapter allows Tesla owners to use third-party (i.e., non-Tesla) charging stations and provides charging speeds up to 250kW. It is only compatible on vehicles that have CCS charging enabled. You can check the status of your car by visiting the ‘Additional vehicle information’ screen inside your Tesla. An official retrofit to enable CCS charging should be available soon.

CANADA – buy now
USA – buy now

In response to the price cut A2Z EV has also dropped the price on their highly rated aftermarket CCS adapter. Using the coupon code DRIVETESLA you can get it for $227.94. Click here to buy yours now.


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