Tesla Cybertruck to go on National Tour in China

Tesla has confirmed that the Cybertruck will go on tour in China. Tesla’s electric pickup truck is hotly anticipated in China, but regulatory requirements are making it difficult for it to enter the domestic market.

Tesla announced via its WeChat account that Cybertruck will be going on a national tour of China. According to the company’s post, Chinese people will be able to vote for the cities in which they want to see the pickup truck. They can vote until 6 pm Beijing time on March 31. This is an excellent initiative to allow the demonstration to take place where Cybertruck is most desired.

Elon Musk had suggested earlier this week the company could ship some Cybertrucks over to China for display.

Credit: Tesla

Tesla began deliveries of the pickup truck on November 30, 2023, at a Giga Texas delivery ceremony. Since its presentation in November 2019, there have been millions of orders for the electric truck. However, orders in China have been stopped. As Elon Musk recently explained in a post on X, it will be extremely difficult to legalize the use of Cybertruck on the roads in China. At the same time, he said several prototypes will be touring the country.

Pickup trucks in China are classified as light trucks. According to CnEVPost, they are subject to many restrictions compared to conventional passenger car models. On Chinese highways, pickup trucks are required to drive in the rightmost slow lane and are not allowed to exceed 100 kilometers per hour. Regular passenger cars can reach speeds of up to 120 kilometers per hour on the highway.

According to the law, pickup trucks in China must also be used for no more than 15 years. After this period, owners are required to dispose of them. They must undergo annual inspections by transport authorities for the first 10 years, and then every two years thereafter. In addition, many Chinese cities have restrictions on pickup trucks entering urban areas. Over the past few years, these restrictions have been narrowed.

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