Tesla Cybertruck spotted charging Rivian R1T

A Tesla Cybertruck owner has come to the aid of an owner of a Rivian R1T, with the former providing the latter with an emergency charge at a Supercharger station.

When Tesla debuted the production version of the Cybertruck last month, it was finally confirmed that the electric truck would come equipped with bi-directional charging capabilities through a Level 2 plug (240V) in the bed.

In promotional material highlighting the new feature, Tesla showed the Cybertruck charging a Model Y, as well as a Ford F-150 Lightning. With more customers taking delivery of the Cybertruck, we are now getting to see the owners put this feature to use out in the wild.

For the first time a Cybertruck has provided an emergency charge to a Rivian R1T. According to Kitty Adams Hoksbergen, Executive Director at Adopt A Charger, Inc., the R1T owner was on an 8-hour roadtrip with their family, including three kids under the age of 8, received an emergency charge from a Cybertruck. While all the details weren’t known, it appears as though this wasn’t because the R1T ran out of charge, but presumably because they were unable to find a functioning CCS charger.

Ironically, this emergency charge was provided at a Supercharger station. Not only does this mean the Cybertruck owner was able to quickly top up after providing extra charge to the R1T, it is also a place where Rivian owners will soon be able to plug in and charge up themselves. Rivian was the third automaker to adopt Tesla’s charging technology (NACS) earlier this year, a move that would give owners access to over 15,000 Superchargers in Canada and the US.

The first two automakers to adopt NACS, Ford and GM, will gain access to the Supercharger network in February, with other automakers being added in phases based on the order in which they signed the agreements, so Rivian will likely follow in March.

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