Tesla Cybertruck’s strength and durability put to the test in collision and break-in attempt

The Tesla Cybertruck has proven its toughness and resilience in two separate incidents, showcasing the vehicle’s design and choice of materials.

When the Tesla Cybertruck was unveiled to the world in 2019 the stainless steel door panels held up to several impacts from a sledge hammer, highlighting its strength and durability. On the other hand, the Cybertruck’s Armor Glass couldn’t withstand a steel ball being thrown at it, which we later found out was due to the aforementioned sledgehammer hits.

Now with just a few months of the Cybertruck being on public roads, two separate incidents over the weekend have shown the stainless steel is still extremely tough, and the Armor Glass is more resilient than you might think.

In the first incident the electric pickup truck’s stainless steel exterior has shown its mettle after being rear-ended by a Dodge Ram pickup truck. According to photos shared by the owner on Reddit, the Ram was severely damaged while the Cybertruck sustained minimal damage visible to the naked eye. In a somewhat funny twist, the Ram actually left an imprint of its grill on Cybertruck’s tailgate.

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The crash, which occurred when the Ram driver was reportedly distracted by using his phone, left the Cybertruck with relatively minor exterior damage despite the hard impact. While this looks good, questions were raised about the lack of a crumple zone in the rear and its potential impact on occupants taking the brunt of the force. However, the owner said he and a passenger were unharmed in the incident.

There were also concerns that while there was no visible damage, other parts hidden behind and underneath the point of impact could have been damaged.

In a separate event, the Cybertruck’s Armor Glass windows thwarted a break-in attempt, showcasing the vehicle’s durability against vandalism. Shared on X by Arash Malek, Sentry Mode footage captured a would-be thief failing to smash the Cybertruck’s windows despite using a tool designed to do just that.

The windows, designed to be shatter-resistant and able to withstand the impact of a baseball being thrown at it at 70mph (113km/h), did not give way, but did crack, meaning they will need to be replaced. The glass roof will also unfortunately need to be replaced as they presumably also attempted to break it with their tool. Elon Musk commented on the incident, humorously dubbing the Cybertruck “the finest in apocalypse defense technology.”

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