Tesla Cybertruck powered frunk and tonneau cover get up close look [Video]

Tesla will hopefully reveal all of the final details of the Cybertruck at the delivery event in one month’s time, but until then we have to rely on sightings of the electric pickup truck on public roads. During two of those recent sightings we got confirmation of the powered frunk, as well as an up close look at what the powered tonneau covers sounds like in operation.

The frunk has been one of the many mysteries surrounding the Cybertruck. Many were hoping it would rival the large frunk found in the F-150 Lightning in terms of its size, but early indications pointed to it being much smaller. More recently we’ve seen a Tesla engineer using it as a bench, as well as drone footage showing that it appeared to be powered, unlike all of Tesla’s frunks to date.

While it seemed certain that the frunk was going to be powered, we finally have confirmation. Over the weekend a fan spotted the Cybertruck in Santa Clara, California with its frunk wide open. Fortunately the employee driving the Cybertruck closed it while X user @gx47006YT had his phone out, and while he wasn’t able to capture a video of it, he did manage to snap several photos that he put together as a GIF.

Along with proof of the powered frunk, the fan also shared some photos, showing off the previously seen Cybertruck logo in the frunk liner, but also giving us a good perspective on how big (or small, depending on who you ask) the frunk is.

Meanwhile at the other end of the vehicle is the Cybertruck’s vault and its powered tonneau cover. Another fan spotted a different Cybertruck in Monterrey on Sunday, where the test driver was kind enough to open the tonneau cover for those standing around.

As you can see, or hear, the cover isn’t exactly quiet, sounding more like the clickety-clack of a train or roll up steel garage door, and much louder than the design used in the original prototype back in 2019 (video of that below). Hopefully that noise translates into a sturdy cover that isn’t susceptible to breaking, like Rivian’s initial design.

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