Tesla Cybertruck impresses in latest range test

Much has been said about the Cybertruck’s specs after Tesla unveiled the official figures last year, but a new test from Edmunds shows the electric pickup truck can exceed its estimated range.

Edmunds was able to get their hands on a dual motor Foundation Series Cybertruck, equipped with all-terrain (AT) tires. That last part about the tires is important because they impact the estimated range. When the Cybertruck is equipped with AT tires, the only tires currently available, the estimated range drops to 318 miles (512km), compared to the 340 miles (547km) publicly advertised on Tesla’s website.

Although not mentioned on the website, the higher range figure is when the Cybertruck has all-season tires.

Additionally, the Cybertruck that Edmunds tested did not have aero covers (which Tesla no longer sells pending a redesign), so the range is even a little lower than the 318 miles on this particular Cybertruck.

With that in mind, Edmunds says its test was conducted with a 60/40 split between city and highway driving, with the drivers staying within 5mph (8km/h) of the posted speed limit whenever possible. The weather on the day was clear and mild with the temperature hovering around 60°F (15.5C).

For the test the Cybertruck’s battery was charged to full, and after 11.5 hours of driving the Cybertruck was able to cover 334 miles (537km), more than the advertised range and close to the range when using all-season tires. As we noted, this Cybertruck did not have aero covers, but if it did, it is very possible it could have reached 340 miles, or even slightly more.

Add in the fact that Edmunds stops their range test when the display indicates 10 miles of range or less, and the Cybertruck’s range could have exceeded 350 miles (563km).

This is just the beginning of the Cybertruck story. With range extenders, tri-motor versions and software updates all in the pipeline, the 334-mile figure won’t be our final say on the matter.


For Edmunds’ part, they were unaware of the different range ratings for the Cybertruck depending on the tires, and they originally published their review highlighting the fact the Cybertruck fell short of the range rating. They have since updated their review to indicate it actually exceeded the estimate.

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