Camouflaged Tesla Cybertruck spotted in Palo Alto [Update]

A Tesla Cybertruck wrapped in camouflage has been spotted for the first time today in California, suggesting the automaker may have finalized the design of the electric pickup truck.

Since the Cybertruck was unveiled in 2019, its design has gone through several iterations. Recent sightings of the truck in public and at Investor Day have shown a level of fit and finish that one would expect from a production version, suggesting Tesla was getting close to finalizing the design ahead of the planned start of production later this summer.

That moment seems closer than ever now as a Cybertruck wrapped in camouflage was spotted today in Palo Alto, California, according to Twitter user YYDS (@ya78756632) who shared two photos of the truck on the social media platform.

UPDATE 10:20pm PT: Some more photos have been shared on the CybertruckOwnersClub forum, along with a video of it exiting a drive-thru In-N-Out restaurant. Elon Musk has since commented on the video, saying “It’s a tradition,” suggesting this could be the final design.

Given that the design changes the Cybertruck has undergone over the last few months have been minor tweaks here and there, according to a comment by Musk to Drive Tesla back in February, we can’t spot any radical changes on this version of the Cybertruck. What we can see though is the Gigawiper is still in place.

We can also see this particular Cybertruck has a round steering wheel and not the hybrid yoke/round wheel that was on the Cybertruck on display at Investor Day. This follows a glimpse of a round steering wheel in a Cybertruck in a background scene from the recent Tesla Bot update video.

Aside from any potential design changes, this also gives us our first look at what a wrapped Cybertruck will look like. Although the stainless steel finish will definitely be unique compared to other cars and trucks on the road, many potential owners have expressed a desire to wrap it in a different colour as Tesla won’t be offering any paint options.

According to the most recent update from Tesla, the Cybertruck will enter production later this summer, and Musk is hoping to hold a special delivery event towards the end of the third quarter of this year. Based on a recent report citing documents provided to Tesla’s suppliers, that timeline is in tact and the company is hoping to have the first release candidate Cybertrucks built by August 2023. A release candidate is the final version before the official start of series production and the public launch of the vehicle.

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