Tesla Cyberquad for Kids returns to the US following recall

Tesla has brought the Cyberquad for Kids back to life, this time upgrading it to ensure it meets the relevant safety standards so it can be sold in the US. While the Cyberquad has returned in the US, it is unfortunately still unavailable in Canada.

The Cyberquad for Kids was first launched in the US in late 2021, quickly selling out like most of Tesla’s products. However, less than a year later the product faced a recall, leading to its discontinuation. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission determined that the Cyberquad did not meet the safety standards set for youth ATVs, particularly failing in areas such as maximum tire pressure and mechanical suspension requirements. Owners were offered a full refund, contingent on removing the product’s motor controller and returning it to Radio Flyer through a provided prepaid envelope.

Last month an upgraded version of the Cyberquad debuted in Europe, and now it is also available in the US. According to the Tesla Shop listing it is still produced by Radio Flyer, but this time it is  Model 915, which the company says is a “certified electric ride-on toy under ASTM F963 and meets U.S. Consumer Product Safety Standards for ride-on toys.”

According to Radio Flyer, the Model 915 has substituted the rear spring with a steel tube featuring rubber-coated metal inserts, securing the rear frame to the main frame. Additionally, a modified warning label states that the Cyberquad is not intended for off-road use and is not classified as a youth ATV. Radio Flyer has also included a tire inflation warning label on the front left fender, advising to keep tire pressures between 20-30psi.

The age range has also been increased to 9 to 12 years old, whereas previously it was suitable for 8 to 12 years olds.

Other than that, the Cyberquad remains the same, and is also priced the same at US$1,900.

Here’s the full spec list, and a link to the Tesla Shop listing if you want to buy one for yourself kids this Christmas.

  • 36V Battery
  • 500W Motor
  • 10 mph Max Speed
  • High/Low Speed Switch (10 mph/5 mph)
  • Up to 15 Miles of Range
  • LED Headlight and Taillight
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