Tesla could build another Gigafactory in Asia, but not in China

With Tesla’s latest Gigafactory in Shanghai still with that new factory smell, construction of Giga Berlin just getting underway, and plans to select the location of the next US Gigafactory soon, Tesla’s next target may be in Asia.

When asked on Twitter recently if Tesla had plans to expand in Asia beyond the current location in Shanghai, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said yes, but the company had other priorities first.

Tesla was able to deliver a surprising 90,650 vehicles around the world in the second quarter, which was severely impacted by COVID-19 forced closures. A large chunk of those sales can be attributed to the new plant in Shanghai, which came online just in time for Tesla earlier this year.

With Giga Berlin scheduled to begin manufacturing next year, and the next US Gigafactory likely in late 2021 or 2022, another factory in Asia would only further cement its standing as the #1 EV automaker in the world.

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