Nissan set to unveil Model Y competitor on July 15

After images leaked earlier this year purporting to show the production version of the Nissan Ariya, the Japanese automaker will officially unveil the Model Y competitor next week, July 15 2020.

The Ariya will be Nissan’s first electric crossover, and while very few details about the car have been released, many are expecting it to come with some impressive numbers.

It is rumoured to be announced with an estimated range of 483km (300 miles) with both RWD and AWD configurations, a 0-60 times of around 5 seconds, and an attractive starting price around $40,000 USD ($56,400 CAD).

When released, it is also expected to come with Nissan’s ProPilot Assist self-driving features, which currently only includes assisted steering, braking, and acceleration in single-lane highway driving.

Nissan ProPilot Assist

Production of the Ariya is planned to start later this year in China, expanding to the US in 2021.

We’ve heard it before, “the competition is coming”, but so far no one has been able to challenge Tesla at the top of the EV podium. More EVs on the road is the ultimate goal, so let’s hope Nissan is able to pull this one out and deliver something that is a viable alternative to the Tesla Model Y.

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