Tesla CEO Elon Musk requesting judge ends SEC oversight of his Twitter posts

Elon Musk worried (Credit: Max Whittaker/Getty)

Elon Musk has requested that a judge ends the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) oversight of his Twitter posts.

Musk and the SEC have an ongoing agreement signed in 2018 that included controls and procedures to oversee Musk’s communications.

Musk claims that the 2018 agreement with the SEC is being used to “trample” his free speech rights.

In addition, through his lawyer, Musk is asking the judge to block an SEC subpoena for documents related to the review of his tweets, reports Bloomberg.

The SEC subpoena also asks for documents related to Musk’s sale of stocks and options.

This is the latest in a series of issues with the SEC and Musk.

Last month Tesla disclosed that it received an SEC subpoena seeking information about the companies governance process. The subpoena also asked for information about the companies compliance with the 2018 agreement with the SEC.

Also, last month, Tesla and Musk complained to the US District Judge assigned to the case that the SEC was targeting both the company and Musk.

As well, Musk accused the SEC of leaking information around the investigation.

Neither Musk, Tesla, nor the SEC provided a comment on the ongoing case or the requests from Musk.

Investor lawsuit filed over Elon Musk’s tweets on stock sales

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