Tesla celebrates 10 years of Superchargers in Europe with free Supercharging offer

Tesla has announced that it will be offering free Supercharger access across Europe for a day. This offer is being made in celebration of a decade of Tesla’s Supercharger network’s presence in Europe.

Tesla’s first Superchargers opened in 2012 in the US, where the company used its own proprietary charging connector, which we now know as the North American Charging Standard (NACS). Eager to support their growing fleet of electric vehicles, the network’s European debut started just a year later in Norway, with the unveiling of six Supercharger stations.

To celebrate that opening 10 years ago today, Tesla announced this morning free Supercharging at all of their Superchargers across Europe. This offer includes those stations that are open to owners of non-Tesla electric vehicles (EVs). According to Tesla, approximately 70% of their network in Europe is open to other EVs.

Over the last decade the Supercharger network has expanded to over 36 countries, boasting nearly 5,300 Supercharger stations with over 48,000 connectors worldwide. The Supercharger network has also expanded significantly across Canada, with the complete coast-to-coast network turning on in 2019.

While most of the European Supercharger network is open to non-Teslas, the Canadian network is about to embark on that same journey, starting with two stations in Ontario. Tesla installed Magic Docks last week in Deep River and North Bay, but these sites have yet to be activated for non-Teslas. These two locations will serve as pilot sites before Tesla expands the program to over 750 connectors across the country by 2025.

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