Tesla building 20-stall Supercharger in Niagara Falls [Ontario]

Tesla is currently building a new Supercharger station in Niagara Falls, Ontario, the second station in the city.

The construction was first spotted late last month by Drive Tesla reader @apingue10, who shared these pictures with us, showing a total of 20 V3 Supercharger posts have been installed in the parking lot of the Niagara Falls Plaza at 6777 Morrison Street. From the pictures we can tell Tesla is using their prefabricated Superchargers for this installation, which is likely why construction progressed so far before anyone noticed.

As we mentioned in our post on X, the 20 new stalls are located just 6 minutes away from the existing Niagara Falls Supercharger. That site is located at Mount Carmel Centre, and features 12 V3 stalls, however it is often busy with cars having to line up for a charge, so this added capacity will be welcomed by owners and those frequently travelling across the border.

However, the Montrose Supercharger may not be around for much longer. In 2021 Forest Gate Financial Corp. purchased the shopping center where it is located for $37 million, with eventual plans to redevelop the site with multifamily and commercial uses, according to a report by Renx.ca.

Tesla also recently started construction on another Supercharger in Ontario. The long-awaited Brockville Supercharger is finally becoming a reality after construction began late last month at the Dairy Queen at 125 Steward Blvd.

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