Tesla begins Model S/X deliveries in Europe after two year drought

Tesla has finally restarted Model S and Model X deliveries in Europe, two years after the last deliveries of their two flagship vehicles took place. The automaker kicked off deliveries with their top of the line Plaid variant over the weekend.

Tesla shut down the Model S/X production lines in Fremont in December 2020, and didn’t restart them until several months later. A slower than expected production ramp meant all of the cars being built were for the North American market, and that European reservation holders would have to wait up to two years to receive their new car.

Over the last few months there have been signs that deliveries in Europe were going to happen before the end of the year, with that all culminating in the first shipment of Model S/X Plaid vehicles arriving in Zeebrugge, Belgium last week.

After transporting them from Belgium, Tesla was able to restart deliveries of their flagship vehicles in Europe, with one of the first deliveries going to Youtuber Ich fahre elektrisch in Germany.

We should see many more deliveries over the coming weeks as several car transporters were also spotted over the weekend filled with Model S and Model X vehicles on their way to delivery centers across Europe.

Tesla didn’t just send one ship to Europe though. The Höegh Trove just departed the US and is on its way to Europe with more Model S and Model X vehicles in both the Long Range and Plaid variants, according to Tesla ship tracker Morten Grove.

These should arrive in Belgium soon and some of them could be delivered before the end of the year and count toward Tesla’s Q4 and 2022 figures.

Even though Tesla has only just started customer deliveries, several test Plaid vehicles have been in Europe for a while now allowing journalists and YouTubers the opportunity to get behind the wheel and test them out. S

Here are a couple of their videos that have been released.


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