SpaceX secures Vandenberg lease for its fifth launch site.

spacex falcon9
Credit: SpaceX

The United States Space Force approved a lease to SpaceX for a second rocket launch complex at Vandenberg Space Force Base.

Via Reuters, the agreement would see SpaceX able to launch its Falcon rockets from Space Launch Complex-6 just north of Las Angeles. Previously, Space Launch Complex-6 supported the Delta IV vehicle family and has remained unused since September 2022.

Col. Rob Lang, Space Launch Delta 30 Commander, had this to say about the agreement:

This is an exciting time for Vandenberg Space Force Base, our nation’s premier West Coast launch site for military, civil and commercial space operations. This agreement will add to the rich history of SLC-6 and builds on the already strong partnership with SpaceX.

This fifth launch site will complement the existing Falcon launch facilities at Vandenburg, Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center. SpaceX also has their private launch complex in South Texas where the company successfully launched Starship only a few days ago.

This latest lease is a massive win for SpaceX, which is about to compete for Phase 3 of the National Security Space launch program. The watershed military launch procurement will begin in the next year or so and will guarantee dozens of launches via the lucrative contract. With a fifth launch complex, SpaceX is certainly well positioned to win the contact.

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