Tesla begins hiring for new data center in China

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Tesla earlier this week announced the opening of a new data center in China. The new facility would be used to store data from vehicles locally, following concerns over how the data from Tesla vehicles in the country was being handled.

In a post to their employment WeChat account on Thursday, the automaker has started its recruitments efforts for the facility.

Several postings were published for various positions including senior software engineer, data safety specialist and data scientist.

Tesla has so far not revealed the location of the data center, but the jobs are based in Shanghai and Beijing.

Not only will the new facility store data locally, it will also give owners access to their own data. The automaker has been under intense scrutiny this year over safety concerns with their vehicles, in particular their brakes. It all started after a protestor made international headlines by jumping on the roof of a Model 3 at the Shanghai Auto Show claiming the brakes on her Model 3 failed leading to a crash with her father behind the wheel.

In an unusual move, Tesla has since released the data logs from the vehicle showing the brakes worked as designed, and the active safety features actually reduced the impact of the collision.

Source: Global Times

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