Tesla battery plant at Giga Berlin to produce 100 GWh/year, with potential to expand to 250 GWh/year

Tesla CEO Elon Musk gave the keynote address at the European Battery Conference today and revealed just how big the company’s new battery plant will be when it is operational.

According to Musk, the battery plant at Giga Berlin would be capable of producing 100 gigawatt hours of capacity per year when it first opens. That would only be the first level of production, as potential expansion plans could see production bumped to 200 or 250 GWh/year.

To put that number into perspective, Tesla’s Giga Nevada facility in Reno has yet to reach it’s planned 100 GWh/year production target four years after it first opened. Based on the latest estimates, it is currently sitting at around 80 GWh/year.

Although Musk didn’t specify, we are assuming the new Giga Berlin battery plant would be producing Tesla’s own 4680 battery cells that were announced during the company’s Battery Day event in September. The CEO already confirmed the European-built Model Y will feature these new cells, but we don’t know if they will be included in the first vehicles off the production line next year.

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