Tesla and EnergyHub partner for Virtual Power Plant in Northeastern US

Tesla and EnergyHub have joined forces to announce the creation of a new virtual power plant (VPP), which is being billed as the largest in the Northeastern US for residents of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

Tesla has already created VPPs in several areas of the US, most notably on the west coast in California where it has partnered with PG&E and SoCal Edison, having already run several successful events over the last couple of years. Now Tesla has partnered with EnergyHub to launch a new VPP on the east coast.

By enrolling in the program, Tesla Powerwall owners can earn substantial rewards for contributing their battery’s benefits to the grid, up to $1,500 per year, depending on the size of their battery and the state where they reside according to EnergyHub. Enrolling in the VPP is a breeze, thanks to a new user-friendly in-app interface that streamlines the registration process. This offers participants a holistic perspective of their energy input into the grid, allowing them to understand their exactly how much they will be paid from their utility provider.

“This frictionless approach to enrollment is key to building battery storage resources at scale and bringing the benefits of VPPs to the grid. It’s essential that customers can easily see how they are helping the grid and getting rewarded for it, and the partnership with Tesla enables this level of visibility,” said Matt Johnson, Vice President of Business Development at EnergyHub.

Once enrolled, customers become part of the ConnectedSolutions program, where their Tesla Powerwall batteries stand ready to support the grid when it faces stress during the demand response season, spanning from June to September. In response to grid demands, the program dispatches batteries strategically up to 60 times for a maximum of three hours per event. Participants need not take any manual actions during these events as the Tesla Powerwall units automatically respond to stabilize the grid.

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