Tesla adds six new Cybertruck wrap colours

Tesla has further expanded its customization options for the Cybertruck with the introduction of six new wrap colours, bringing the total number of choices available to eleven.

According to an update to the Tesla Shop over the weekend, the new additions include Forest Green, Satin Crimson Red, Iridescent Purple, Tactical Green, Satin Dark Grey, and Copper Tinted Clear. These join the existing options of Satin Rose Gold, Satin Abyss Blue, Slip Grey, Satin Stealth Black, and Satin Ceramic White.

All of the newly added colour options are priced at US$6,500, while Slip Grey, Satin Stealth Black, and Satin Ceramic White are the cheapest options priced at US$6,000.


The Cybertruck’s wraps might sound expensive, but they are not your typical vinyl wraps, but instead coloured Paint Protection Film (PPF), even though the Cybertruck has no paint. The colour PPF provides an extra layer of protection compared to vinyl wraps, 2x thicker than vinyl according to Tesla, helping to protect against scratches, door dings, debris, and more.

Just like the Cybertruck, these PPF wraps are only available at select Service Centers in the US. There are four locations in California providing the service – West Covina, Oceanside, Costa Mesa, and Santa Clara. Tesla also expanded their wrap services beyond California, adding a Service Center in Austin, Texas, last month. A loaner vehicle will also be provided while your Cybertruck is in the shop.

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