Hyundai issues recall of nearly 99,000 vehicles for critical charging control defect

Hyundai has announced a significant recall impacting nearly 99,000 vehicles across its Hyundai and Genesis brands in the US. The recall was issued due to a potentially dangerous defect in the Integrated Charging Control Unit (ICCU), and impacts the 2022-2024 Hyundai IONIQ 5, 2023-2024 Hyundai IONIQ 6, 2023-2024 Genesis GV60, 2023-2024 Genesis GV70 “Electrified”, and the 2023-2024 Genesis G80 “Electrified”.

According to the NHTSA recall notice, which you can read in full at the bottom of this article, the issue centers around the ICCU, which is integral to charging the vehicle’s 12-volt auxiliary battery and powering low voltage vehicle accessories. Specific electrical load conditions can damage the ICCU’s internal components and cause the ICCU fuse to open, preventing the 12-volt auxiliary battery from charging.

When the ICCU fuse opens, and a fault is detected, the affected vehicles will enter a “fail-safe” driving mode. This mode allows for full propulsion initially but will gradually reduce motive power over time. While motive power is lost, vehicle systems such as airbags, braking, and powered steering will remain operational.

The safety risk is evident if the vehicle is driven for an extended distance in “fail-safe” mode, with the potential for the vehicle to lose all motive power eventually, significantly increasing the risk of a crash.

After an investigation Hyundai identified the cause of the defect as damage to the ICCU’s internal componentry due to overcurrent, overvoltage at the end of high-voltage battery charging, and thermal loading during operation or driving.

To address this issue, all owners will have to bring their vehicles to a Hyundai dealer or Genesis retailer where the ICCU software will be updated, and the ICCU and associated fuse will be inspected and replaced if necessary, at no cost to owners.

You can read the full NHTSA recall notice below. Transport Canada has not yet issued a similar recall.

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