Tesla adds HW4 and Quicksilver to Model Y from Giga Shanghai

Tesla has made two new additions to its Model Y production lines at Giga Shanghai this week. The company has announced that all new Model Ys being built at the factory now include the latest self-driving computer and associated hardware, and introduced a new paint colour that was previously exclusive to Giga Berlin.

Hardware 4 (HW4)

Tesla first launched HW4 from their Fremont factory, adding it to the Model S and Model X in March 2023. The company then added it to the Model Y a few months later in May 2023. These cars didn’t just receive the latest self-driving computer, but they also received new and higher quality cameras to go along with it. This timing for the Model Y had a particular impact on Canadian buyers, as the company switched to importing Model Y from China in April, meaning buyers of the Model Y north of the border have been missing out on HW4, while our friends to the south have been receiving it for close to a year.

Now that Tesla has switched back to supplying Canada with Fremont-made cars, Giga Shanghai is now building their Model Y with HW4 as well. Tesla announced on their official Weibo account that all new Model Ys are now being built with HW4, highlighting that it is being added at no additional cost.

Quicksilver Paint & Special Offers

Along with HW4, Tesla also surprised by adding Quicksilver as a paint option for the Model Y. This was a surprise as CEO Elon Musk had previously said that it would only be available from Giga Berlin because its advanced Paint Shop “was specially built to apply many fine layers of paint, giving it complexity not otherwise possible.”

According to the Design Studio in China, Quicksilver is available on all three variants and is the most expensive paint option at ¥12,000 (C$2,250/US$1,680).

Credit: Tesla

However for a limited time all paint options, including Quicksilver, are available for only ¥2,000 (C$380/US$280). In a separate post on Weibo, Tesla says the offer is valid for all orders placed in the month of February.

The company also launched another promotion, offering financing rates as low as 2.5% for any order placed before the end of March 2024.

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