Tesla adds extra discounts for German companies looking to buy electric vehicles

Model 3 Germany
Credit: Android PIT

In a bid to attract more fleet and business sales, Tesla is offering additional discounts for German companies looking to buy EVs till the end of the summer.

According to Bloomberg, Tesla is now offering a €2,250 ($3,280 CAD/$2430 USD) discount for any Model 3 and Model Y orders that are delivered by the end of August. The discount will expire at the same time as businesses’ access to federal subsidies for electric cars, which will end on September 1. The subsidies will still be available to private individuals at a lower rate.

After initial reports in German media and trade publications, a company spokesperson confirmed the discounts via email.

The savings are significant for business owners when the discount is combined with existing government subsidies on EVs. The Model 3 is roughly 30 per cent off, while the Model Y is around 25 per cent off.

To further grow their fleet sales, Tesla also reintroduced the Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) Model 3 in Germany. It is only available to order by fleet buyers through their special B2B portal, but the vehicle has also appeared in existing inventory for regular consumers.

Company cars are a popular and typical perk for many German employees due to the tax incentives around the scheme. VW, BMW and Mercedes have been the choice for years, but many employees and employers want to go green with Tesla.

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