Tesla addresses Cybertruck frunk pinching concerns through software update

Tesla recently deployed a software update to change how the Cybertruck’s frunk closes, particularly when it comes to when objects are in the way.

Even before the Cybertruck was launched, there were (unfounded) concerns that the electric pickup truck’s design could hurt people with its supposed sharp edges. After its launch, those concerns then extended to the Cybertruck’s frunk, which was naturally put through a number of tests by early reviewers and owners to see if it would pinch your fingers if you carelessly left them in the way while it was closing.

Most people didn’t use their actual hand and fingers in those tests, instead relying on fruits and vegetables like bananas and carrots to simulate what it would look like if the Cybertruck’s frunk closed on your finger. Those early tests didn’t go so well, with the frunk squishing every banana and cutting carrots right off.

In the big spring software update for the Cybertruck, Tesla said it updated the frunk to “better detect obstructions just before it finishes closing.”

As was to be expected, some owners decided to put the update to the test, using their fingers to see if the frunk would close shut on their fingers. After testing it first on his forearm and hand, one owner tried it on his finger, and to his surprise, it did close shut. The good news is he wasn’t seriously injured, but as it turns out, it was because of his previous tests using his whole arm and whole hand that led to the frunk closing on his finger.

That’s because the Cybertruck’s frunk has a “learning algorithm,” according to lead engineer Wes Morrill, who explained that the frunk will close with more force if you try to close it several times in quick succession, because it expects that you as the human to know what you are doing when you try and close the frunk over and over again with something in the way.

In the end it looks like the Cybertruck’s frunk will not close shut on your finger, so long as you haven’t tried to close it several times before with a banana, carrot, or your whole arm in the way.

If you want to, you can watch the full video below.

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