Tesla offering buyers 1 year of free Supercharging in attempt to reach 500K Q4 deliveries [Update]


Despite a two-month shutdown of its Fremont facility earlier this year, Tesla has maintained its annual guidance of 500,000 vehicle deliveries for 2020.

To reach that goal, the automaker needs to deliver about 182,000 vehicles between October and December, or about 43,000 more than its current record which was set in Q3 2020.

In an attempt to get as many vehicles into the hands of customers before the end of the year, Tesla is now offering buyers one year of free Supercharging. But there are some catches.

To qualify for the 1 year of unlimited Supercharging, buyers have to take delivery between December 12 and December 31. The offer only applies to Model 3 and Model Y purchases, but does not include the Standard Range Plus (SR+) variant.

UPDATE December 14, 4:35pm PST: We have been notified by a new owner who just took delivery of his SR+ today in Toronto that he was also able to get the free Supercharging, so it looks like the offer applies to all Model 3 and Y variants.

Drive Tesla has so far seen evidence of the offer in Canada, the US, and China, but nothing in Europe. If any of our European readers see the offer, please leave a comment below or email us at tips@driveteslacanada.ca.

Tesla is no stranger when it comes to offering incentives at the end of quarters. Previous offers have included up to 2 years of free Supercharging, and free upgrades for things like paint or wheel options.

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