Starlink starting to request addresses ahead of beta testing satellite internet service in Canada

Just two months ago Elon Musk announced on Twitter that one of his other ventures, Starlink, would soon begin public testing of its satellite internet service, with a focus on northern latitudes – in other words, Canada.

Then last month Starlink launched a new website for users to enter their postal codes to become potential beta testers ahead of public testing expected to launch later this year.

Now Starlink has gone one step further and begun emailing potential candidates, requesting they enter specific addresses to “improve their ability to provide location specific updates.”

In these screenshots shared exclusively with Drive Tesla by one of our readers, the email, which was received at 6:06pm MDT, contains a link to the Starlink website where you can enter the address where you will be testing from.

According to our source, he lives at a fairly high northern latitude near Red Deer, Alberta (52.2690° N, 113.8116° W), so it appears Starlink is staying true to their word and giving priority to those located further north.

Our source also indicated there was no additional information provided during the process to indicate when exactly beta testing may begin, other than “this summer”.

Let us know in the comments below if you also received a similar email from Starlink, and where in Canada you are located.

Update #1: The Starlink website has also now been updated with a Sign In page, further indication that beta testing will begin soon.

Starlink sign in

Update #2: We’ve received reports from around the world indicating they received the same email, including locations across Canada, the US, Chezch Republic, Germany, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Australia, Finland, and more.

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