SpaceX’s Starbase Investment in South Texas Wins Praise From County Judge

SpaceX’s multibillion-dollar investment in Starbase in South Texas has received praise from a county judge. The company creates jobs, develops local communities and schools, and has brought in tourism.

Cameron County shared the latest Starbase Local Impact economic statistics provided by Space Exploration Technologies Corp (SpaceX). According to the report, the company’s direct and indirect investments have been significant in recent years.

SpaceX has ambitious plans in Cameron County. Having created Starbase, the company is busy building and launching the Starship spacecraft, the largest rocket ever built by man. Development creates infrastructure, jobs, and attracts people from all over the world. But SpaceX does not intend to stop there and will continue to invest. The company’s enormous impact throughout the county earned it praise from county judge, Eddie Treviño, Jr.

“I want to thank SpaceX for their direct investment in the communities and school districts throughout Cameron County and for helping put south Texas on the map. While SpaceX is located in the unincorporated territory of Cameron County, their presence has positively affected all the cities within Cameron County through increased tourism and new job opportunities. We look forward to additional growth and investment in the future as SpaceX carries on their mission to explore space, return us to the moon, and colonize Mars,” stated Treviño.

Starbase, located on Boca Chica Beach, created 3,400 full-time jobs for both SpaceX employees and contractors, according to documents. In addition, SpaceX, via Starbase, has also created 21,400 indirect jobs in the community.

“SpaceX’s vision in Cameron County has always been ambitious, and with the company’s shift to build and launch the Starship spacecraft, the largest rocket ever built, SpaceX’s investment in Cameron County has been significant in recent years,” the release stated.

Since 2023, SpaceX has spent $90 million in Cameron County with more than 80 Rio Grande Valley suppliers for goods and services. Additionally, SpaceX invested $3 billion in Starbase infrastructure. The annual gross economic market value of Starbase in the Valley is $6.5 billion. The facility brought in $800 million of state and local government capital income and indirect business taxes. An estimated $99 million in tourism is expected to come from Starbase by 2025.

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