SpaceX successfully lands SN15 in historic test flight

It took a few tries, but SpaceX successfully landed one of its prototype Starship rockets in Boca Chica yesterday.

Known as SN15 (serial number 15), the rocket took blasted off at around 3:30pm PST, flying to an altitude of about 10km, or about 33,000 feet. Unfortunately some clouds and intermittent video feeds meant we didn’t get to see much of the flight up, but everyone got to see what they came for – the landing.

After just more than 6 minutes in the air, SN15’s Raptor engines reignited and the rocket gently touched down on the launch pad. Like one of the previous test with SN10, a small fire started after the landing. The sprinklers were able to contain it however and unlike last time, the rocket did not explode.

You can watch the full test flight and landing in the video below.

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