SpaceX Starlink V4 Antenna & Mini Dish Now Licensed for Install on Moving Vehicles

SpaceX has received a license from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to use the new Starlink dishes on planes, ships, and cars. The new V4 antenna and future Starlink mini dish can now be used on moving vehicles.

SpaceX has finally received an FCC license to operate its new Starlink “V4” dish and upcoming “mini” dish model on moving cars, ships, and aircraft. The company has been awaiting approval for several months. The FCC initially granted SpaceX a license to operate the next generation of dishes in September 2023, but only in fixed positions. However, this was not enough to achieve the goals set by the company. Last week, the regulator granted SpaceX additional rights, according to PCmag. The company can now provide its customers with the ability to operate the new dishes on board of moving aircraft, ships, and vehicles.

SpaceX competitor, Dish Network, initially called on the FCC to deny SpaceX an “in motion” license. The company cited concerns about the technology generating radio interference. Starlink responded by saying that Dish was “resurrecting failed arguments in an effort to block its successful competitor” after the FCC approved SpaceX’s first license to use the Starlink dishes on moving vehicles back in 2022.

SpaceX already has signed agreements to install existing Starlink dish equipment on board commercial aircraft and cruise ships. Several companies actively tested the service before signing the deals. Last week, SpaceX announced that it has installed Starlink on more than 200 cruise ships around the world and expects even more deployments soon.

In addition, the company also offers in-motion Starlink for cars. To do this, the user needs to have a special flat high-performance dish. Otherwise, mobile data usage while on the move will be limited to speeds below 10mph.

With the new license from the FCC, SpaceX has the opportunity to expand sales of next-generation Starlink hardware in the United States and expand its use cases. The V4 dish has already replaced the old Starlink dish for residential users. The Starlink mini-dish should be available later this year. Perhaps obtaining a license was the only factor holding back the launch of sales. If so, sales of Starlink’s “mini” dishes should start soon.

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