SpaceX Lowers Starlink Hardware Price in Canada by 21%

After offering several different discounts during 2023, SpaceX has lowered the price of its Starlink hardware in Canada. The lower price appears to be the new standard as the Starlink website no longer shows the original pricing.

At the end of 2023 SpaceX ran a Starlink promotion in Canada, offering their hardware bundle for $499, a $260 discount over the regular price of $759. The deal was offered for a limited time, set to expire on December 31, 2023, but later being extended by a week to January 5, 2024.

Now that January 5 has come and gone, the promotion has officially ended, but the regular price for Starlink hardware has been lowered.

According to a review of the Starlink order page by Drive Tesla, customers in Canada can now get the Standard Actuated antenna for $599, a 21% discount over the previous regular price of $759. Unlike previous deals which still showed the $759 price but crossed off, the new $599 stands by itself, indicating this is the new regular price for the Standard Actuated Antenna in Canada.

There has been no change to the price for a refurbished hardware bundle ($250), and no change to the monthly service fee ($140).

What is notable about this new price is that it is the same as what US customers pay for the Standard Actuated antenna at US$599 (C$800), meaning after you take the exchange rate into account Canadians are actually get a substantial deal on the hardware compared to our friends south of the border.

While Canada is getting a discount on the second-generation Standard Actuated antenna, US buyers can now get the next generation antenna, referred to above as the Standard antenna, also for US$599. However there is a catch with buying the latest hardware, as customers also have to select the more expensive Roam tier, which can be as much as US$70 more expensive than the Residential package, depending on where you live.

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