See what a Tesla sees as it drives through a construction zone

With the latest software update out earlier this week, traffic cones can now be seen in the driving visualizations for Tesla’s that are equipped with HW3.0.

Now a new video from Tesla hacker @greentheonly has provided us with a rare glimpse inside the mind of a Tesla as it drives through a construction zone. In the video below, the drivable area, in green, appears to be tied to distance between the cones, not the lane markings, like it typically does.

This seemingly small step is a big one in the path to full self-driving, which Tesla CEO Elon Musk said is still on target for the end of year, but it will be tight, and will likely only be for Early Access Program (EAP) users.

Check out @greentheonly‘s Twitter feed for other interesting videos, like this one. Did you even notice the cyclist/scooter rider before the Tesla computer detected it? I had to watch it a few times before I did.

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