Rivian teases R2 and shelves tank turn

Rivian is starting to build some hype around their smaller follow-up to the R1 series, the R2. The company took to their official Instagram page to host a question and answer session with Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe, which included a clay model R2 hidden under a sheet behind him.

The R2 appears boxy and has a similar styling to the R1S, although obviously smaller. Scargine also shows off some colour panels in the video which are similar to the R1, but they may have added a new tan and blueish-green option.

Although initially to be launched in 2025, the R2 has been delayed by Rivian until 2026. Many expect Rivian’s new Georgia Factory will be the home to the R2, which has seen its construction date still to be confirmed.

During the video Scaringe also addressed the Tank Turn feature. According to the CEO the feature did not fit Rivian‘s ethos, and the company confirmed the feature is shelved. Here is the exact reasoning from Scaringe:

Over the last year and a half, we’ve arrived at the view that it’s a feature that, while we can do it, it’s so easily abused and so hard to make sure we don’t tear up trails and do things that are in contrast to what we stand for as a company.

So, we will have to wonder what could have been with the tank turn feature and look forward to more updates around the R2 over the next few years.

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