Bay Roberts, NL gets its first electric vehicle charging station

EV charger plug

The first electric vehicle (EV) charging station in Conception Bay North went live this week in Bay Roberts, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Located in front of the Bay Arena, the Sun Country level 2 charger was turned on Monday, making it the town’s first publicly available EV charging station. With the increasing popularity of EVs in the province, Councillor Dean Franey said it was time for the town to install one.

“It was something that was lacking in Conception Bay North and it just made sense. That is the way things are moving, it is the way to go,” Franey told Saltwire.

Plans for the charger first began in 2019 when Franey raised the idea with council. He hopes the new installation will help draw EV owners to Bay Roberts, which will in turn result in economic benefits for the local community.

While it is a great first step for Conception Bay North, it is clear to see when looking at a map of the region this is just the first of many EV chargers required in the area.

Conception Bay EV chargers
Image via Plugshare
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