Rivian R1T rescues 38,000-pound Semi that slid off the road

r1t semi
Credit: Mylo Fowler | YouTube

The electric Rivian R1T may appear puny beside a semi truck, but the former saved the day when the larger vehicle had to be dragged out of a precarious situation.

The R1T truck, rated with an 11,000 pound towing capacity, managed to drag the 38,000-pound semi truck after it slid off the road. The proud owner of the R1T Mylo Fowler has racked up 30,000 miles in less than six months of ownership. Fowler said his job as a professional photographer requires him to travel often.

Fowler encountered a semi and sedan that had slid off the road thanks to icy conditions. The two vehicles were stranded off a highway south of Moab, Utah. He stopped and offered to help out.

The sedan was rescued by a Dodge Ram, but the semi was wedged in too deep. However, Fowler connected his Factor 55 tow strap with rated minimum break strength of 31,000 pounds only. Despite the discrepancies, the Rivian quickly dragged the semi back onto the road with a straight pull.

Towing with an EV reduces the driving range. However, an occasional towing job like this should be inconsequential at the end of the day, except for maybe the loss of tread on Fowler’s tires.

At any rate, this is positive publicity for Rivian, which came out as the most loved truck in America.

You can watch the full video here.