Ferrari has a lot to learn from Tesla, says CEO

Despite being in the automotive business for longer than the founders of Tesla were born, Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna believes the Italian company has a lot to learn from the American EV manufacturer.

The executive revealed this in an interview with Bloomberg, praising Tesla for its achievements. Vigna also said Tesla was a wake-up call for the whole industry. He said, “Things used to happen too slowly. Tesla shook up the industry and accelerated processes and decisions. They were faster and more agile.”

Vigna also revealed during the interview that he didn’t see Tesla as a competition. Instead he said Tesla makes cars that simply move from one place to another, while Ferrari makes cars that owners connect with on an emotional level and give them a unique experience.

On claims that Ferrari has been slow to embrace electric cars, Vigna defended his company’s approach. “That’s not true. I just think a company like us can’t impose any choice on clients, and that’s why we’ll keep offering a mix of technology for as long as it’s feasible.”

While the first fully electric Ferrari is coming only in 2025 and will enter the market the following year, Vigna believes EVs are a new way for Ferrari to provide its customers with a unique experience.

Ferrari has committed to 80% of its car sales being fully electric and hybrid by 2030. It plans to add an EV production line in Maranello.

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