Rivian Dual-Motor R1T gets impressive EPA range ratings

Credit: Rivian

Rivian has announced some impressive range figures for the different variants of its new dual-motor R1T. The company previously said this model would boast the “best range in our lineup,” and the numbers certainly back up this claim.

Equipped with Rivian’s Max battery pack, the Dual-Motor and Performance Dual-Motor R1T are estimated to achieve 410 miles (660km) according to the EPA. Even with the large pack, the range is still an impressive 352 miles (566km). What makes these figures even more impressive is they are achieved even when equipped with 21-inch wheels and tires, showcasing the potential of Rivian’s in-house designed Enduro drive units.

The Illinois-based automaker shared the range figures on Twitter for all of the different configurations, from a low of 307 miles (494km) for the Large Pack with 20″ AT tires, to the aforementioned 410 miles (660km) with the Max pack and 21″ tires.

Buying one of these R1T variants in Canada won’t be cheap however. According to Rivian’s online configurator, opting for the Large pack will add C$9,000 to the C$109,000 base price, while going for the Max pack will add C$24,000. That means if you want the highest range R1T currently available you will have to set aside a minimum of C$133,000 before additional options.

Speaking of options, there have been some changes to what Rivian offers. Last week the company announced it was discontinuing the Compass Yellow paint option, as well as the 21″ AT Bright wheels and vegan leather interior. All of these options will be discontinued on September 15, 2023.

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