Rivian discontinues Compass Yellow and other options, pushes Performance Dual-Motor configurations in Canada

In an apparent attempt to streamline their production processes, Rivian is discontinuing several options for its electric vehicles (EVs). At the same time, the company has also been emailing reservation holders in Canada to try and get them to switch their chosen configuration.

The changes were announced to affected customers via email. According to those emails shared on social media, the fledgling automaker is discontinuing the Compass Yellow paint option, the 20″ All-Terrain Bright wheels, and the vegan leather dashboard, with all three coming to an end in mid-September.

All is not lost for these customers however, as they will of course be able to retain their reservation if they want, but they will have to reconfigure and pick a different option, or options. In the case of the 20″ wheels, Rivian says if the customer takes no action their order will be automatically updated to the 20″ All-Terrain wheels. For the vegan dash, it will default to the wood dashboard.

At the same time as these emails were going out, Rivian was also notifying Quad-Motor reservation holders in Canada about an update. While nothing was being discontinued, Rivian is giving these customers the option to switch to a Performance Dual-Motor configuration. If they make the switch they will get delivery in 2023, whereas sticking with the Quad-Motor means waiting until some time in 2024 for their delivery.

The email, which was shared with us by one of our readers, is titled ‘Action required to take delivery this year,” and explains that Rivian will be prioritizing Performance Dual-Motor deliveries this year, with the regular Dual-Motor “to follow,” without providing a date or even a date range.

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