Rivian CEO remains confident that it can produce 25,000 vehicles in 2022

Rivian CEO Robert Scaringe believes that the company can produce 25,000 vehicles in 2022. This 25,000 number includes the R1T,  Amazon delivery vans and the R1S.

The new numbers come as Rivian faces increasing supplier disruptions to its Normal, Illinois plant.

Originally, Rivian forecasted that they would produce 50,000 vehicles, but the shortage in semiconductor chips and wire harnesses has forced the company to readjust.

Scaringe had this to say on the supply chain issues when talking to CNBC.

“We don’t have a demand challenge at all. We have a ‘can we create enough vehicles’ challenge? We have a supply chain problem. It’s frustrating, but we’re going to get through that.”

Rivian has taken an interesting step in helping out its suppliers. The company is sending some of their on-site employees to suppliers’ facilities to assist in part production.

They did not confirm how many Rivian employees have helped out suppliers, nor what suppliers they assisted.

Rivian currently has an order book of around 70,000 for their R1T and R1S vehicles. This does not count the 100,000 Amazon vans also due by the decade’s end.

They are in a good position, but certainly need to find a way to increase production.

As 25,000 vehicles per year is not going to put them into the mainstream, nor the market share they want in a competitive EV market.



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