Rivian adds Performance Dual Motor R1T and updates Max pack ranges

R1T drive modes
Credit: Rivian

Rivian’s online order configuration tool has seen lots of action recently as the EV startup continues to tweak what is available. The website now offers the option for R1T buyers to configure a “Performance Dual Motor AWD” variant. At the same time, the automaker has also shared updated specs of the electric pickup truck with the Max pack.

Rivian removed the Quad Motor and Max pack options last year, to the frustration of buyers that want the maximum performance or driving range from their truck. To help ease the pain the automaker said they will offer an “enhanced version” with the same 400 mile range at a later date. Until that time Rivian only allowed buyers to either combine the Large pack with four motors or downgrade to the Max pack/Dual Motor combo.

Now Rivian has added a Performance Dual Motor AWD variant, and updated the specs for the Max pack configuration. While the Dual Motor version offers 400 miles (643km) of driving range and 600 horsepower, Rivian’s promised R1T Performance offers 700 horsepower. The website has been updated with the specs of the new version.

In a statement to Drive Tesla, Rivian confirmed that R1T Quad-Motor Max pack reservation holders will see their orders automatically updated to this new version.

As spotted by members of the Rivian Forums, here are the updated range specs for the different variants:

  • 300 miles – Dual Motor – 20” – LARGE PACK
  • 350 miles – Dual Motor – 21” – LARGE PACK
  • 320 miles – Dual Motor – 22” – LARGE PACK
  • 335 miles – Dual Motor – 20” – MAX PACK
  • 400 miles – Dual Motor – 21” – MAX PACK
  • 360 miles – Dual Motor – 22” – MAX PACKCurrently Shipping
  • 274 miles – Quad Motor – 20” – LARGE PACK
  • 328 miles – Quad Motor – 21” – LARGE PACK
  • 303 miles – Quad Motor – 22” – LARGE PACK

Although expectations were high regarding the range capabilities of the Dual Motor Max Pack, numerous Rivian Forum users appear to be less than thrilled with the official figures. What appears to be their biggest complaint is the substantial cost of upgrading from the Large Pack ($6,000) to the Max Pack ($16,000) for comparably minimal gains in range.

Rivian produced 9,395 EVs and delivered 7,946 in the first quarter of 2023. It still hopes to meet its 50,000 units production target for the year.

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