Public Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta rollout confirmed for Friday night, but the plans have changed slightly

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Image via @stevesteranka /Twitter

Tesla CEO Elon Musk provided an update on the public rollout of the Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta software, confirming that it will be pushed to owners with a perfect score at midnight on Friday.

However the initial rollout plan announced last week has changed slightly.

According to Musk, who outlined the plan last week, all owners with a perfect 100 Safety Score would be able to download the beta software. That was confirmed this morning, along with an estimate that there are currently only about 1,000 owners with such a score, a number he expects to increase by a few hundred by midnight tomorrow night.

The original plan called for more owners to be added each day after that, prioritized by their Safety Score.

That has now changed, and the rollout will be paused after the first initial push “to see how it goes.”

If all goes well, the rollout will be expanded to non-perfect scores.

It was also later confirmed the rollout will be across the US, and not for specific regions only.

When it does arrive, likely a little after midnight if past experience is anything to go by, it will be the new FSD beta V10.2. Unfortunately Musk provided no specifics on what is new, but did say the overall driving experience is “significantly better.”

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