Tesla Model 3 and Model Y re-qualify for California’s $2,000 Clean Vehicle Rebate

California already loves the Model 3 and Model Y as the two electric vehicles (EVs) were the two best selling vehicles overall in the state last year. That popularity should grow even further now that both EVs are once again eligible for the state’s $2,000 Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP).

The Model 3 and Model Y used to be eligible for the $2,000 rebate until last year when Tesla’s successive price increases pushed the MSRPs above the program’s thresholds of $45,000 for a passenger car and $60,000 for SUVs.

That changed last month when Tesla slashed the prices of both EVs to be below those limits. However, neither vehicle was immediately added back to the list of CVRP eligible vehicles as Tesla needed to apply in order for that to happen.

Tesla has now completed that process and according to an update to the CVRP website this week, both the Model 3 and Model Y are again eligible for the $2,000 incentive. The incentive is retroactive to January 12, 2023, the date Tesla lowered their prices. (h/t:@Vincent26574006)

With the price limits only the Model 3 RWD qualifies, but both the Long Range and Performance variants of the Model Y are eligible.

Not everyone will be able to take advantage of the offer however as there are also income limits of up to $135,000 for individuals and up to $200,000 for families. Buyers must also apply for the rebate within 90 days of registering the Model 3 or Model Y.

You can read the full eligibility requirements on the CVRP website.

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