Porsche Taycan owners in the US gain Apple Maps EV Routing integration

Credit: Porsche

Porsche Taycan owners in the United States now have had a new feature added to their EV – Apple Maps EV Routing. Taycan drivers can now use Apple Maps within Apple CarPlay to navigate and plan their routes, including charging stops.

Previously, Taycan owners had to exit the CarPlay system to plot a route that included charging stops. However, with the integration of Apple Maps EV Routing, this extra step is no longer necessary.

Apple Maps EV Routing utilizes real-time vehicle information and suggests charging stops when needed. The system also takes into account elevation changes and other factors along the route. In case the remaining charge level becomes too low, the system will calculate a route to the nearest compatible charging station.

The addition of Apple Maps EV Routing adds to the Porsche Charging Trip Planner, which comes standard with every Taycan . The integrated system optimizes stops based on factors like anticipated state of charge, traffic conditions, and average speed.

To access the new Apple Maps EV Routing, US-based Taycan owners need to have the latest version of the My Porsche app installed on their iPhone. Porsche says enabling Apple Maps EV Routing is a straightforward process that involves a few simple steps within the My Porsche app and Apple Maps.

There has been no word from Porsche when or if the feature will come to Canadian Taycan owners.

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