Porsche launches service concept for high-voltage batteries

Porsche is introducing a repair concept for their high-voltage batteries, starting with the Porsche Taycan.

The German automaker announced that it will establish multiple high-voltage support points throughout its dealership network.

These support points will have special tools and trained technicians to make high-voltage battery repairs.

If a client cannot use a support hub, the company is also setting up supra-regional hubs for repairs. This will see the vehicle shipped from the dealership, repaired at the hub and then transported back to the original Porsche Center.

Finally, if a repair or transport to a hub is not viable, Porsche will deploy a mobile high-voltage expert to make on-site repairs.

Earlier in March, Porsche provided the readout procedure for dealerships to use the diagnostic tester on the Porsche Taycan.

The tester allows dealerships to read data independently and transmit that data to customers.

Porsche will also release an app in the near-term. The new app will allow owners to check their vehicle’s health without going into a dealership.

Porsche has yet to list where the high-voltage support points are or the location of the regional hubs. However, that list will come later in the year as more dealerships receive the training and tools.

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