Porsche Macan EV begins road testing, set to arrive in 2023

The Porsche Macan is a sporty SUV that it currently the automaker’s best-selling vehicle. Wanting to take advantage of the rising popularity of electric vehicles (EVs), an electric version of the Macan will also be available soon.

Porsche has begun road testing prototypes of the electric SUV, which it expects to hit the roads in 2023. It will be built on an all-new dedicated EV platform called Premium Platform Electric (PPE), and likely be offered with two different battery sizes.

Porsche Macan EV 2
Image via Roadshow

That battery size option might not make it to all markets, according to Michael Steiner, a member of the Porsche’s executive board for research and development.

“Technically we are prepared for two battery sizes but we learned … most customers look for the bigger range. Most probably we will look at least in the North American market for having one, and this would be the bigger battery,” said Steiner.

While it is still a while until we see the final version of the Macan EV, the big battery should help it have a chart-topping range. The final stats haven’t been decided upon, but Steiner expects it will have “significantly more [range] than the TaycanPorsche to limit the number of Taycan OTA software updates.”

Along with the public road testing, which should cover around 3 million kilometers when it is all said and done, the automaker is also testing 20 digital prototypes in a simulator.

Porsche Macan EV trunk
Image via Roadshow

Source: Roadshow

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