2025 Porsche Taycan Achieves Nearly 600km Range, 330kW Ultra-Fast Charging in Real World Testing

The latest iteration of the Porsche Taycan will officially be unveiled soon, and in the lead up to its debut, the German automaker is showcasing some of its remarkable improvements in range and charging efficiency.

This iteration of the Taycan has undergone extensive testing across various terrains and conditions, most recently with some journalists taking the electric sports car on a drive between Los Angeles and San Diego, where the EV achieved an impressive range of 587km (365 miles) on a single charge under real-world conditions. This represents a substantial leap over its predecessor’s 395km (246 mile) EPA rating.

However this range is what was achieved in real-world driving, and is not the EPA rating, so expect for it to come in lower than 587km when the official testing is completed.

Credit: Porsche

According to Porsche, this increase in range is thanks to advancements in battery technology and overall vehicle efficiency, with the Taycan now sporting a battery with a usable capacity exceeding 100kWh, compared to the previous top-spec Performance Battery Plus of 93.4kWh.

Charging technology have also seen significant upgrades. The Taycan can now recharge at speeds up to 332kW, drastically reducing charging times and enhancing convenience for users. This means the Taycan can replenish its battery from 6% to 80% in just about 14 minutes at ultra fast-charging stations.

Credit: Porsche

In one test conducted by Edmunds (you can see their video below), the Taycan sustained a 300kW+ charge rate all the way up to 60%, before dropping to a still impressive 200kw+ to almost 80%.

Interior refinements include the introduction of the new version of the Apple CarPlay interface, which extends across the instrument panel and infotainment displays, allowing for seamless integration and control of the vehicle’s functions.

Performance enhancements have not been overlooked, with Porsche hinting at increased power output across the Taycan range. While specifics remain under wraps until the official unveiling, early indications suggest that the Taycan will continue to set performance standards for electric vehicles, with improvements in acceleration and top speed.

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