Polestar 2 updated with new design, more range, and more sustainability

Polestar has announced the Polestar 2 electric sedan will be receiving a number of updates, with many of them focused on increasing sustainability.

The changes includes updates to the EVs design, range, and specifications.

Polestar 2 Design Changes

When it comes to the design, the Polestar 2 gets two new paint colours – Space (metallic black) and Jupiter (gold-grey with red flake). The standard 19″ and optional 20″ wheels also get an overhaul with a new design.

On the inside the Polestar 2 also gets a new Zinc grey colour for the ventilated Nappa leather upholstery. With the new option, customers can also select a new Light Ash deco trim.

The automaker also added a removable sunshade for the panoramic glass roof.

Polestar 2 Range Update

While not a specific range update, Polestar says their heat pump now has improved performance in a wider temperate range of 20°F and 77°F (-7°C and 25°C), providing more driving range in adverse conditions.

Along with these changes, Polestar has also implemented blockchain technology to allow them to trace risk minerals from the source to the finished product to ensure ethical mining and manufacturing processes are used in the production of their cars.

Polestar is also attempting to source materials and components from suppliers that use renewable energy. They have already done so for the aluminum tray that carries that battery casing, resulting in a reduction in carbon emissions of 1,653lbs (750kg) per car.

They have also tested replacing the aluminum in the wheels and expect to see a reduction in carbon emissions of 1,322lb (600 kg) per car.

 “In our program updates we want to take action on improvements that can make a positive sustainability impact quickly, rather than traditional mid-cycle facelifts. Product optimization programs are common in the car industry, but we are taking an extended approach at Polestar, combining these with CO2e reduction programs as well,” said Fredrika Klarén, Polestar’s Head of Sustainability.

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