Ontario investing $91 million for EV chargers in Ontario

The Government of Ontario announced they would invest $91 million towards installing EV chargers at rest stops, hockey arenas, carpool lots and parks.

It is unclear where these chargers will go or how the funding will be dissipated throughout the province.

In the same announcement, the province also announced the Rural Connectivity Fund.

This fund will allow rural municipalities to apply for provincial funding to support EV chargers in their community.

Program details will come later, including how much money is in the fund and how communities can apply.

Finally, the announcement confirmed that the government would support business cases for electric and low-emission conversion for the province.

This includes both the Ontario Public Service fleet and the Go Transit network.

This is the first Government of Ontario investment in EV chargers since the Progressive Conservatives took power.

More than three years ago, the Conservatives scrapped EV rebates and dropped the requirement for new builds to include EV wiring in the province.

Doug Ford and his party are gearing up for an election in June. By all accounts, EV adoption and production will be hot topics during the election.

His party is the only major provincial party that is not planning to reintroduce EV rebates for the province in the upcoming election.

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