Ontario announces new streamlined process for public EV charger installations

The Ontario Government announced a new streamlined process to make setting up public EV chargers a little easier.

The new process will launch on May 27, 2024, and will see a streamlined procedure for setting up EV chargers with local electrical utilities. Ontario currently has 58 local electricity utilities, and a standardized approach will eliminate red tape and allow more EV chargers to be installed across the province.

The new streamlined procedure will include:

  • Implementation of standardized forms across all 58 utilities
  • Set timelines for approvals
  • Set requirements and information to make deployment of EV charging infrastructure easier across the province

Todd Smith, the Minister of Energy of Ontario, had this to say at the announcement:

As the number of EV owners in Ontario continues to grow, our government is making it easier to put shovels in the ground to build the critical infrastructure needed for drivers to charge their vehicles where and when they need to. This is just another step we are taking to reduce red tape, increase EV adoption, and use our clean electricity supply to support the electrification of Ontario’s transportation sector.

The province’s move is in coordination with the Ontario Energy Board, which regulates the electrical sector in the province.

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