Notorious iPhone hacker George Hotz is leaving Comma AI

George Hotz announced that he is stepping down from his role at Comma AI.

The 32-year-old CEO admitted on his GitHub page that he does not feel “capable” to continue running Comma AI after seven years of leading the driver assistance technology.

Hotz has been an active hacking and technology community member for years.

He quickly rose to fame after being the first to carrier unlock the iPhone.

He later would get into serious legal trouble with Sony over his hack of the PlayStation 3.

After an alleged fight with Elon Musk over Hotz’s belief that he could build a better AutoPilot, Hotz created his own company, Comma AI, in 2015.

The company built a working self-driving 2016 Acura ILX. Still, after various run-ins with State and Federal authorities, Hotz abandoned their plans to build an autonomous vehicle to focus on driver assistance technology.

After the shift to driver assistance technology, Comm AI published its “openpilot” autonomous driving code for public use.

In his post on GitHub, Hotz said this:

It’s no longer about all nighters, powering through with brute force, sparring with elegance, winning and losing, all within grasp yet all not…I’m probably delusional but you wouldn’t start a company otherwise, right?

It’s no longer a race car, it’s a boat. And steering a boat requires too much damn planning and patienceThis is my favorite Rick and Morty clip. If comma succeeds, it really never was me; it’s the people there who can drive boats. As I am with the world, I am a cheerleader and court jester.

However as per The Verge, this might not be it for Hotz as he is considering founding a new company called The Tiny Corporation to tackle deep learning.

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