Starlink app cracks top 100 list in US iPhone app store for the first time

After a few years in the Apple app store, the Starlink app broke through into the top 100 most downloaded apps in the US.

As per the app-tracking firm SensorTower, the Starlink app surged to as high as the 54th most downloaded app.

However, since then, it has dropped back to 96th, just ahead of Microsoft Office and Tinder.

Although the app has been in the app store for a while, SensorTower is not sure why the app saw the surge it did this week.

Stephanie Chan, an Analyst with SensorTower, had this to say: (via PCMag)

As for why it broke into the top 100 rankings yesterday on the iOS store, we can only speculate. It’s possible that because Starlink has been in the news lately (e.g. adding more satellites to its network, seeking exemptions so that they can service Iran) that it has helped raise awareness or bolster curiosity about it.

In terms of installs, the US is still number one in terms of lifetime installs of the Starlink app.

However, not by much; here are the top five countries in terms of app installs:

  1. US – 889,000
  2. Ukraine – 806,000
  3. Canada – 209,000
  4. Australia – 64,000
  5. Uzbekistan – 42,000

The interesting thing about this is that Uzbekistan does not even have Starlink service.

Either way, a surge in popularity in the US is not a bad thing for Starlink.

Whether that transitions to an increase in Starlink subscribers is not clear though.

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